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Story, Philosophy, and Methodology


To know the story of Shanti Yoga is to know its founder, Tristan Cox. And to know Tristan requires us to rewind the clock to 2012.

After almost a decade of working in corporate America Tristan was overweight, stressed, unhealthy, and unhappy. At first he found solace in yoga for the physical benefits. Over time yoga became less and less about exercise.

Like you’ve probably discovered for yourself, yoga helps in many ways. It helped Tristan reduce stress, increase flexibility, calm the mind, and so much more. Yoga eventually led Tristan to meditation.

Through meditation Tristan realized money was not going to make him happy. He decided to quit his job to travel the world. He discovered new places, cultures, and people. While attending a 10-day silent Buddhist meditation retreat in Myanmar he saw a vision of his future. It was to immerse himself in yoga and spread it far and wide. As he continued meditating the vision for Shanti Yoga crystallized.

It’s a vision where the entire world is filled with yogis. There are no wars. There is no dogma. There is no suffering. There is only peace. And that’s what shanti means: peace.

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Philosophy & Vision:

Be Good, Do Good. - Sivananda

We aspire to practice these timeless words by Swami Sivananda: “Be Good, Do Good.” Shanti Yoga stands for honesty, serenity, and all the positives life has to offer. When you are good at the core you can’t help but do good. That’s what we stand for. And that’s what we live by. So that’s what we teach to our students.


We are all one. One world. One humanity. One consciousness. One soul. However, we still live in this physical reality. And in it, our bodies are unique.

There is no one perfect body, diet, exercise routine, breathing practice, sleep schedule, etc. The list goes on. This is why we offer multistyle trainings. You should be exposed to many teachers, many viewpoints, and many approaches.

We also strive to provide a curriculum that is as custom-tailored to the individual. There are some elements of the program where we will insist you follow the standard protocol. It is for your own good.

Yoga teacher trainings are a journey, after all, and the path laid out helps you on that journey. However, we understand you may need some special attention or consideration and we will always do our best to meet your needs.

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