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Ayurveda is an ancient science born in India. In fact, it’s the sister science of yoga.

Western medicine is great for trauma. Break a leg? Go to the ER. You’ll usually get good results.

Ayurveda in modern times

However, most suffering today is from lifestyle disease. Ayurveda is great for this because it focuses on the root cause, not the symptoms.

Many ailments that Western medicine does not have an answer for can be resolved with Ayurveda. 

Sometimes Ayurveda takes a while to work. Unlike Western medicine, which is fairly quick. But once you’re healthy and follow the Ayurvedic way, you’ll stay healthy.

And coupled with yoga? Ayurveda is downright magical.

How to teach Ayurveda

What is Shanti Yoga School’s approach to teaching Ayurveda?

We cover the basics quickly. You need to start with a solid foundation.

But the basics are not sexy. We want sexy.

After providing base knowledge in Ayurveda we delve into how Ayurveda can be used day-to-day by you and your students in today’s world to solve today’s problems.

Here’s an example.

Applied Ayurveda

Say you’re in an arid environment. Think Arizona. You feel like a raisin. Your tongue is dry. Joints are aching and cracking. Your skin is sandpaper caverns.

Ayurveda teaches us that this is vata – or, the wind. It makes sense, right? The wind strips away moisture. And that’s what an arid environment is – devoid of moisture.

You’ll learn what you can do to counteract this effect.

What to eat: sweet, sour, and salty foods.

What to avoid eating: bitter (leafy greens), pungent (i.e. heating volatile oils: black pepper), and astringent (i.e. drying: apples, sprouts) foods.

And, you’ll learn specific techniques to quickly alleviate the effects of the arid environment.

Perhaps rubbing some coconut oil on your joints can help alleviate the aches, pops, and dryness? You betcha it can. At the same time it moisturizes that dry skin, too.

Using what you’ve learned

Learning a new subject can be dry (pun intended). At Shanti Yoga School our aim is to teach you new concepts in a way that will help you solve real problems.

We want you to take what you’ve learned and share it with your communities. Go ahead. Teach what you’ve learned. And make the world a better place.

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