Yoga For Weight LossShanti Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga can be a great form of weight loss. But it can also backfire. Who can achieve weight loss with yoga? Most people who have their diet in check can lose weight doing yoga. Weight loss is 99% about what you eat. You have to eat right to lose weight. Exactly what you can eat depends […]

Yoga Nidra/ChikitsaShanti Yoga School - India - Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Yoga nidra is an ancient technique for relaxing. The word “nidra” is Sanskrit for “sleep”. When you participate in a yoga nidra session you enter yogic sleep. This state of consciousness is between waking and sleeping. It’s that stage before sleep. You will have that “going to sleep” feeling. It is a state […]

Ayurveda and YogaShanti Yoga School - India - Ayurveda

Ayurveda and Yoga are ancient sciences born in India. In fact, Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga. Ayurveda and Yoga in modern times Western medicine is great for trauma. Break a leg? Go to the ER. You’ll usually get good results. However, most suffering today is from lifestyle disease. Ayurveda is great for this […]

Kirtan/SatsangShanti Yoga School - India - Kirtan and Satsang

What is Kirtan? Kirtan is raising your voice to God. Some have negative attachment to the word God. If this is you, think of Kirtan as raising your voice to the “source”. Source is a higher power, or the one-ness or connection amongst all living things. Kirtan can also be thought of as singing to […]

Karma YogaShanti Yoga School - India - Karma

What is Karma Yoga? Karma means action and reaction. In ancient yogic texts karma yoga specifically means the yoga of action. First, it’s about performing a duty for duty’s’ sake. Doing something because it needs to be done, and not for the reaction it produces. Then, you achieve “moksha” – a sanskrit word meaning “liberation”. […]

Yoga EthicsShanti Yoga School - India - Ethics

Yoga Ethics What does yoga ethics mean? Firstly, yoga ethics is about being aware of how you treat other people. Similarly, it’s about knowing what it means to be a living, breathing yogi in today’s modern world. Student teacher relationship Shanti Yoga School offers advice for yoga teachers-to-be on how to behave ethically. It boils […]

Yoga LifestyleShanti Yoga School - India - Lifestyle

The Yoga Lifestyle How do you maintain a yoga lifestyle? Certainly doing yoga at the beach, while on vacation, or during a teacher training is one thing. So what about when you’re back home? How do you maintain a physical yoga practice? Furthermore, living a yoga lifestyle goes beyond what you do on the mat. […]

Yoga AnatomyShanti Yoga School - India - Anatomy and physiology

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology How does Shanti Yoga School teach Yoga Anatomy? Have you been in a class where the teacher asks you to extend your arm laterally? Huh? Almost all schools approach anatomy & physiology in an academic way. But at Shanti Yoga we teach our trainees only what they need to know. As […]

Yoga KriyaShanti Yoga School - India - Kriyas Shatkarmas Sutra Neti

What is Yoga Kriya? Yoga Kriya can mean many things nowadays. However, we use it to refer to cleansing techniques. Another term for it is shatkarmas, or 6 purification techniques. Shatkarmas as Yoga Kriya The shatkarmas are: Dhauti Basti Neti Trataka Nauli Kapalbhati Dhauti Dhauti is for cleansing the stomach and esophagus (food pipe). We […]

Yoga BusinessShanti Yoga School - India - Yoga as a Business

Starting your Yoga Business You want to get your teaching certificate so you can start a yoga business? Yoga is booming. Seems like everybody is doing yoga, so why not teach? Is there money in teaching yoga? Well, it is an unfortunate reality: we need money to live in modern society. Because of this, some […]