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Yoga For Back Pain – 9 Poses You Can Try Today

Shanti Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga For Back Pain

Yoga for back pain

So you have back pain. Not fun. Perhaps you’ve been told to try yoga for back pain. But does yoga help ease back pain and get you loose and limber again?

The science behind yoga for back pain

There are few really great studies showing the positive effects of yoga. However, the lack of studies does not mean yoga is not effective. To clarify, early results are promising.

One meta analysis found yoga to be just as effective as physical therapy in easing back pain. Likewise, it’s important to know that no scientific study is perfect. Therefore, try yoga for yourself.

So why do yoga instead of physical therapy? In one word, cost. Yoga can be significantly cheaper compared to physical therapy. And if science shows it to be just as effective, why not go with the cheaper option?

Curing back pain today

Perhaps you’re convinced. Great! You’re one step closer to easing your back pain. Now what? 

First, it’s time to find a yoga teacher in your area. How? Click here for a simple step-by-step process on finding the right yoga teacher for you.

Next, be sure the teacher you choose has experience helping his or her students use yoga for back pain. Don’t be shy. Simply ask to speak to a past student who has been helped. 

So what if you can’t wait to get started? Below is a list of a few simple, gentle poses you can do right now. Do a quick google to find instructional videos for some guidance. This sequence should take 20 minutes – the same time it would take to do a coffee run.

9 Simple Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Sanskrit name of pose – English name of pose

  1. First, try Uttita tadasana – Extended mountain pose.
  2. Then, Uttanasana – Intense stretch pose, aka standing forward bend.
  3. Next, Urdhva hastasana – Upward salute pose, aka raised hands pose. Important: First, you should slightly bend backwards, though not too much! Next, bend your knees and keep your feet slightly apart (not together). Then, keep your ears between your biceps. Finally, you do not need to drop the weight of your head back. This strains the neck.
  4. Uttita trikonasana – Extended triangle pose.
  5. Ardha matsyendrasana – Half lord of the fishes, aka seated spinal twist.
  6. Bhujanghasana – Cobra pose.
  7. Apanasana – Downward flowing life force pose, aka knees-to-chest pose.
  8. Supta matsyendrasana – Reclined lord of the fishes, aka supine Spinal Twist.
  9. Finally, Savasana – corpse pose. Important: modify by placing a pillow under your thighs. This allows your lower back to easily make contact the floor. This helps stretch your lower back.

As with any exercise please consult your physician before starting. If you’re suffering from a major injury please take extreme care and only perform under the guidance of a professional. Most importantly, if you experience any pain while in these poses please modify until the pain subsides. Above all, yoga should never be painful – ever! Uncomfortable? Perhaps – but never painful.

You can learn more about curing back pain by checking out Shanti Yoga Teacher Trainings here.

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